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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT

Monday Morning Gag by George W. Morrice

George W. Morrice was a British cartoonist, but he drew in the universal language of risque.

How to "Get Some" Hypnotic Deceivers for Desperate Despicable Men

Despicable money grabbing graphics from back when a fella would try to hypnotize a date for some love.  Does it help a guy get any?  I'll let you decide for yourself if hypnosis is effective or even possible, I'm just interested in the goofy graphics. Even as a kid in high-school, when some hypno-hack was hired to come entertain at assembly, I wondered why he wasn't getting someone to rob a bank or boff him instead of making the honor roll or the student president bark like a dog.  "When I snap my fingers..."

I took these from rags where getting someone to "do your bidding" probably mattered much, so the ads were intended to squeeze a coin out of a guy who didn't have roofies. You saw very few hypnotic pitches aimed at the female market. Most women don't need to trick their dates with mysterious power to get harassed.
I have been going to antique shows for years, but I don't believe I have ever come across a vintage hypno-pamphlet.  You don't see many of the hypno-coins either.  Which means they worked so well the owners have kept them to give their children awesome power...or they sucked and were tossed in the trash.
Look...worked on men too!

Bettie Page With Bangs and Without Bangs. Vegas? GO WITH THE BANGS

Bettie Page With Bangs and Without Bangs.  Vegas?  GO WITH THE BANGS!

ACK.  So I hear Some nitwit is producing a Vegas show based on Bettie Page.  I sure hope that hologram can dance better than she could.  I have some advice.  Go with the Bangs.  Shown here a page from 'THE VIRGINIA STOCKINGS SCRAPBOOK" which was used to create the tiny book GALS GAMS GARTERS available also from your friendly Amazon HERE. Note: This page was left out of the book because it was scary, but it's now here for the producers to use when they make a Miss Page effigy for the scene when Jerry Tibbs tells her that her forehead was too big.  More pics and a review of Gals Gams Garters is HERE.

Page from anonymous scrapbook found in a dumpster in Virgina in the 1960s.  Original images from an unknown Robert Harrison Girlie Magazine circa 1955. Collection Victor Minx.

The Rare Digest Series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog NUMBER 50 Masque Digest from Selbee and Leonard Burtman

If we ran caption contests, this would make a good one, but it is just Leonard Burtman continuing the gender bending and blending he started in Exotique in a new package.  Masque!  On the masthead, the "money" guy Benedict Himmel is now credited as "secretary" and Leonard is "president" while Tana is missing in action.  The new fashion consultant is "Beatrice" but the content remains the same.  Essentially Lenny puts a new face on the Wheaties box, but the kibble continues as before.  

Masque Number four. Selbee Associates.  No Date (circa 1960)  Numerous illustrations by Eugene Bilbrew and Eric Stanton.  Collection Victor Minx.


THIS IS NUMBER FIFTY IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All

Stella comes to vist by Eric Stanton

Stella comes to visit by Eric Stanton.  Looks like Stella is visiting from the big city...

Working Late Vintage Sleaze

Part of a forthcoming project here on the Vintage Sleaze blog. Stay Tuned  Overtime by Matt Harding.
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Walt Burton Unsung Hero of Photography Number Eleven in the Vintage Sleaze series

By all accounts, master photographer Walt Burton is our kind of guy.  Now an octogenarian, Walt is a long collector of magnificent vintage photographs and sometimes dealer of same.  He has also recently been making available the historic photographs he took of The Beatles in 1964.  He assembled certainly the greatest collection of original material on the Wright Brothers.  In photographs of the artist, he appears smiling.  Mr. Burton seems the kind of person we need more of these days.

For our purposes, it is the work Mr. Burton did for Mr. Hefner which is of interest. Burton was the Cincinnati, Ohio based photographer for Playboy Magazine in the early 1960s.  He shot at least one Bunny of the Year, Lisa Baker, though I am not sure if his photos were the ones used when she obtained her title.  The photo here is of Bunny Gabrielle George, holding a placard like a ring girl between rounds at a boxing match.  In this case, her card provides the credit. Smart!

We don't write about Playboy on Vintage Sleaze, as it is Hef's  forgotten (and more inept) competitors we find of interest…but they picked a good photographer when they hired Walt.  His work has appeared in Vogue, Newsweek, Harper's Bazaar and many other publications, and he is credited with making the art of photography more popular in the Midwest through his work and sharing his hobby.

Walt Burton was born in 1935 and is still with us.  A vaguely autobiographical book of sorts titled Lookaway was published in 2008, and Jane Durrell writing for ÆQAI mentions an earlier work titled No Panties which was likely not published. See the links below.
Walt's book The Wright Brothers Legacy is not in print, but used copies are readily available.  You can see and read about his photographs and prints of The Beatles in the Cincinnati.com story HERE.  Jane Durrell's profile of the photographer is HERE.  An excerpt from Lookaway by Michael Caporale is HERE and recommended!

(Top) Walt Burton "Gaby" Gabrielle George original contact print 1965 Collection Victor Minx

UNSUNG HEROES OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog by Jim Linderman.  Previous profiles include Art Messick George Boardman Danny Rouzer  Russ Meyer  Wil Blanche  Benno Friedman  and Bunny Yeager Samuel Lonnie Simmons Bernie Abramson and more!


Magazines aren't what they USED to be #624

Magazines aren't what they used to be, in which a sex market is exposed, a pornography ring is smashed, and a women with great gams downs some illegal hootch.  No wonder the journalism of today is withering on the newsstand.  1957  Skye Publications.
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Meyer Levin and his Good Girl Bad Art or Bad Good Girl Art or Good Girl Art 1946

There were apparently 32  "Mutoscope" cards produced featuring the somewhat bizarre Good Girl Art of Meyer Levin in 1946.  They were sold from vending machines.  There were thousands of pinup cards sold but Meyer's stand out because they were so poorly drawn…which is why we are taking the time to share them!  The genre is called "Good Girl Art"  and yes, among some it is considered an art movement.  The term came about to describe girl art which was good.  I'm going to have to say Meyer's art diverts from the form, and these have to be called "Good Girl Bad Art."  A cursory browse through the web has turned up no significant biographical material on the artist but we would love to know.  Did Meyer write the poems too?  Anyone?

We are WAY behind in our mail again at Vintage Sleaze the Blog

We are WAY behind in our mail again at Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  No, you are NOT going into our spam file.  Yes we love you.  Thanks!

Vintage Sleaze Exclusive. Bettie Page: Queen of Curves by Petra Mason, Rizzoli New York 2014.

Bettie Page: Queen of Curves closes the door on Irving Klaw's dingy Manhattan studio and reveals the most influential model of the 20th century in a tribute she deserves. If you know Bettie Page from the grimy 4 x 5 photographs churned out by "The Pin-up King" and his sister Paula, you are in for a surprise. Never has the difference between smut and glamor photography been so apparent.  

Bettie Page: Queen of Curves is a collaboration between photographer Linnea"Bunny"Yeager(who passed away in 2014)and author Petra Mason.  The fiercely independent photographer approved the project. This is the second book to come from Yeager's archives by way of Ms. Mason and art publisher Rizzoli. It is a stunner which presents 250 photos, and many not seen outside the context of grainy pulp magazines.  In fact, many not previously seen at all. It is a revelation to see Ms. Page in large format with the high quality production Rizzoli is known for. It is long overdue.

The photographs date to 1954. Bettie Page's success as a model for tawdry publications and camera club outings allowed her the luxury of Florida vacations.  There she was captured at her ravishing best.  Here are the famous "jungle" photos which epitomize cheesecake of the era.  There are candid pictures at the beach, boat trips, carnival shots, professional studio glamor poses and yes, considerable full nudity. Accompanying text includes the only one-on-one interview between Bunny and Bettie, background on their relationship, detail on location shoots and more.  We find here two hard-working women in an industry creating fantasy for an all male audience.  The results are momentous and beautiful.

There is irony that most memorable photographs of Bettie Page were taken by a woman. If Bettie Page is ultimately to be seen as a positive feminist role model (as she is increasingly portrayed) let her legacy be these splendid and thrilling photographs. In a way, the volume stands as her revenge.    

(In full disclosure, the book also contains a several page interview with Jim Linderman, Editor of the Vintage Sleaze blog)

Petra Mason's website is HERE
Bettie Page: Queen of Curves is available from Rizzoli and Amazon.
In Florida it is also available at Books & Books.

Richard Miles AKA Miles Shefferman says Dames are Dangerous

Dames are Dangerous.  64 pages of moldy gold wisdom and warnings!  The book was given away free if you bought Tales for Males from proto-sleaze publisher Cadillac back in 1946.  (The year thousands of surviving soldiers were coming home randy and ready…and Rosie the Riveter was too.)  Attributed to Richard Miles, it was really written by Miles Shefferman.  With ad copy like "It rips the mask off their fair faces!" it was probably wise to use the pseudonym. 

The market this was aimed at landed at Normandy, fought their way to Berlin and WOMEN are dangerous?  Some guys obviously bought the hype.  You can still find a copy for a few bucks.

Vintage Sleaze Get Well Soon

Add caption

Vintage Sleaze has a cold, and a buddy was kind enough to loan his "little black book" to keep our spirits up.  It seems to be working!  Now go get the flu shot. SERIOUSLY.  It costs nothing, and the flu kills thousands in this country every single year. Who does the flu kill?  For the most part, those who didn't get the shot.
Books and $5.99 ebooks are available for preview or purchase HERE

Historic Drag Queen Ball Photographs New York City c.1960

The day after Facebook reversed their policy which required transgender and drag queen users to employ their real names on profiles, Vintage Sleaze the Blog is posting historic images of a Drag Queen Ball which was held in New York City nearly 50 years ago.  Facebook apologized to the LGBT community for deleting several hundred accounts after they were flagged by a single user.

The photographs were taken at an unknown location in New York City and document a costume ball which was not unusual, but generally illegal at the time.  The photographer is unknown, but notable photographers such as Weegee and Diane Arbus were known to photograph cross-dressers.  So called "Artist's Balls" were not unusual and frequently attended by freelance photographers hoping to sell photographs to sensationalist men's magazines, expose tabloids and in this case, underground publications which sold in Times Square at inflated prices to the fetish and gay community.  

The pictures ran in a digest titled "Petticoat Parade: Costume Ball" and were part of a number of similar books printed by Selbee Associates.  The company was active in the late 1950s and early 1960s printing booklets which were aimed at then well-hidden subcultures and sold in Times Square bookshops.

Facebook has over a billion users, but maintains virtually no customer service telephone access for complaints of deleted profiles.  They claim to receive thousands of "fake name" reports weekly but clearly they are ill-equipped to address individual concerns.  The deleted accounts have been restored.