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Early Upskirt The Art of the Flash

A staple of the vintage sleaze illustrator's repertoire, the upskirt flash. Most frequently caused by wind, but often as well by gymnastic gyrations on the part of the scheming businessman, boss or jackhammer worker. The examples all circa 1935-1945.See my published books

Picture of a Financial Transaction vintage sleaze

Detail from Sleazy Photo Set, c. 1945

Dimples in the Right Places vintage sleaze

Ad for Photo Set c. 1950


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SSSSH! Vintage Vern...
By Victor Minx

The Virginia Stocki...
By Victor Minx with ...

Censored Salesman Sample Pinup

Likely a sample page for a calendar, and if you look REALLY close you can see it was from a certainly long gone company known as "midnight dreams" who wanted to take off some skirts while skirting the law! Hilarious banner protects the innocent from boobage.

Pinup Salesman Sample page c. 1950 collection Jim Linderman

Gals Gams Garters THE BOOK Stockings Fetish Scrapbook

A legs and stockings fetish dream, a circa 1950 homemade scrapbook assembled by an anonymous aficionado of the female form in nylon found by a student in Virginia scrounging through dumpsters. A master of collage with scissors and tape, he meticulously created a giant homage to Gals Gams and Garters. Faithfully recreated here by owner Victor Minx, the pseudonym of a prominent photography collector and with an introduction by Jim Linderman, writer and proprietor of Dull Tool Dim Bulb among many other things. The SECOND volume
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Magnificent Melton Viewer vintage sleaze

Circa 1950 brochure ad for the Melton viewer
Collection Jim Linderman

Strange Lust vintage sleaze

Curious Illustration from an untitled "Joke" book for men, circa 1930, no title

Title Logo for HUM Magazine by Gene Bilbrew vintage sleaze

Gene Bilbrew illustration for cover of HUM Magazine based on Bettie Page.  Bilbrew illustrated issue number two as well.

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LOST Risque Illustration Girlie Drawings and the Postcard Chet Warner vintage sleaze

The work of one Chet Warner. Pseudonym or not, he's gone. At least I can't find anything about him. These images come from post cards produced prior to 1950 by the Asheville Post Card Company in North Carolina. I post them not to detract from the work of the four illustrators of note here on this site, but to raise an issue. Is there a directory of erotic illustrators? Not that many of the thousands upon thousands of amateur risque postcard illustrators necessarily deserve one...but some do, and Mr. Warner had a way with the pen. Asheville Postcard and Pennant company was founded in 1910. In the 1970's, 20 million cards in their stock were sold to an individual. Which explains why I was able to find a handful of mint condition and unmailed cards. A brief aside, and one which should not deter you from your paperbacks.
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Vintage Erotic Vernacular Photography Shy Shamed Secret Shadowed Hidden

Victor Minx is simultaneously proud and ashamed to announce publication of his new book HERE.
SHY SHAMED SECRET SHADOWED HIDDEN. This is a quite extraordinary photography book containing over 100 original vintage photos from the Victor Minx collection. Jim Linderman wrote the essay, which is available in the free preview. Each photo, all vintage and original, depicts a women hiding in some manner. Quite a group, and quite a book. The Link provides a free preview of the first 15 pages. HERE
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