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Taboo the Tijuana Bibles REALLY from Tijuana! Tijuana Bible Series #15 on Vintage Sleaze

Taboo the magazine! As primitive as a hand hewn tool and printed in Tijuana, just across the border (in sequence and in individually numbered editions) for tourists to carry back slipped amongst the maps in the glove box. Now I don't know if any young bucks crossed the border just to find the latest issue, but some might have picked one up after spending their ranch money on a "growin' up" experience down there and thought a mimeo reminder of their visit was a good way to celebrate the accomplishment.

Now I have pointed out earlier in the series that Tijuana Bibles didn't come from Tijuana, they came from puny wise-guys in Pittsburgh (according to a document I printed here in full) I have also read they were produced in LA by free-lancing illustrators from the cartoon studios of Hollywood...and the suitcase boys paid more than Uncle Walt! Eh...we'll never know and i'll never stop trying to find out.

According to the folks at Alta-Glamour books, and they should know...Taboo actually WAS printed in Tijuana by George B. Leonard, publisher of the Esoterica Press , a tiny operation with a prodigious output. I am doing some research, but as these booklets are dated 1954 and record-keeping was slack...we'll see. One reads "copyright 1954, under Pan-A. C. Treaty" (!) so I suppose the radical right will try to blame these on FDR, who signed the Pan American treaty in 1935) How come we haven't had a flood of good smut since NAFTA?

Taboo was a real magazine (or aspired to be)...a feature story, some brief attempts at humor, pitches for upcoming product. Filthy, but interestingly censoring their own vernacular words for female anatomy (two in particular and you can guess them, one with a C and one with a P) They also "implied" another of George Carlin's words...who were they afraid of?

They were half the size of a piece of typewriter paper, and I've shown one here next to "She Got the Job" (a real eight-pager which was drawn by the same fellow who drew Bazooka Joe) for size comparison.

It is a shame the American unquenchable thirst for illegal drugs has the splendid country of Mexico in a murderous turmoil. Things were much more simple when it was their erotica we consumed, not their dope. And I am also sure the parents would rather have their Ninos running little printing presses for the Gringos, not guns and dope.

(Let me make that as clear as I can. WE send the guns DOWN and WE use the drugs UP. I call THAT obscene, and I will do it without censoring my own words)

#15 of a series on Tijuana Bibles by Jim Linderman, The rest HERE sorta...my free blog host has indexing skills lacking precision...just keep clicking the tiny "older posts" tag)

Two issues of "Taboo" magazine. 1954. Collection Victor Minx