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A Wild Show in Kentucky Vintage Sleaze

You would think someone as famous as Miss Nude Hollywood could get a better gig...but wait! Newport, Kentucky was once a happening place! Check out this rave review from Wikipedia!

"Newport once had the reputation of "Sin City" due to its upscale gambling casinos on Monmouth street. Investigations for racketeering pushed out the casinos, which were replaced by peep shows and adult strip clubs."

NOW we are talking.

Check out the "stencil action" on the flyer. This HAS to be one great joint. I'm surprised I haven't heard about it on NPR.

So "Tiffany" wasn't playing the dumps, she was at the top of the heap! That is a heap known as Newport, Kentucky built "at the confluence of the Ohio and Licking Rivers" according to Wiki.

Brass Ass Lounge Flyer, no date. collection Victor Minx