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BISBA (Pseudoscience posing as Pseudosmut) Vintage Sleaze

No comment, other than to say this was an actual book. One reason to be glad the book is going extinct. I intend to copyright the term "pseudosmut" by the way.

Brochure advertisement for Pseudoscientific claptrap Circa 1965

Hal Sherman Gag Cartoon Cocktail Napkins (Do Not Confuse!) Vintage Sleaze

Hal Sherman! 1958 cocktail napkin Nudeniks! The term caught on... Time Magazine used it to refer to the films of Russ Meyer in 1961. Today it seems to mean folks who walk around el-boffo at the beach and in some cases even city streets...San Francisco in particular (which must be no coincidence...the cocktail napkins here originated from there.)

Cartoon and Animation legend Gene Deitch drew "Nudniks" in the mid 1960s, do not confuse your Nudeniks (fat bald men in pink gawking at younger women by Hal Sherman) with your Nudniks! A nudnik is a noun which refers to a nagging, irritating person, not a pink group of sun worshipers.

Hal Sherman also worked for Man's Daring, an adventure pulp where his two-page spreads of sexist cartoons were called "Daring Cartoons" and (of course) Humorama ran some of his single panel works around the same time. I would like to credit
MensPulpMags.com for this information and the splendid illustration below...What a site THEY have. REAL men in bright, crispy pulp colors!

There was a comic book way back when called "Mr. Doode" credited to Hal Sherman, but I can not be sure this is the same fellow. Likewise, a "Silly Situations" series ran in Spectre comic books in 1941 credited to Hal (or Harold) Sherman as well as a few pieces in More Fun Comics and New Comics...real early comic books. Lambiek.net the comic book masters, identify a Hal Sherman with the real name of Harold Sicherman who I believe is the same fellow who did Mr. Doode. Whether Mr. Sicherman is in fact the creator of Nudeniks remains to be seen.

Showgirl Glasses Scam Vintage Sleaze I'll Only Steal until I need Glasses

Twice the fun in every drink you pour! Why? The amazing Key Club (a division of Bear Sales) has figured out a way to serve your guests a fully dressed show girl on the outside, but when they peer through the "keyhole" glass, they see her "hidden talents" through the swill!

Now it wasn't enough for the Bear company to shill the glasses...they also ran a punch card scam! A gambit as old as time, yet as contemporary as Bad Bernie Madoff! Punch one, pay one cent. The next "contestant" punches two, he pays two cents. Each scam nets the card holder a minor fortune AND his own complete set of show girl glasses, yet only one "winner" gets the prize...a lousy set of see-through drinking glasses.

I wrote about "punchboards" before. This is the first time I have seen the scam illustrated in a flyer.
Somebody had a "Hidden Talent" all right...a talent for scamming rubes with the promise of ice cubes. One thing these show girls are showing is how easy it is to use the promise of a curvy dame to line your pockets. Click to Engorge...every "secret" is revealed!

Now most of these scams had been busted and found out by the 1950s, but guess who persisted in shilling them right into the 1960s according to Punchboard.com? One Jack Ruby. You might have heard of him.

One-sheet come-on for a punch card scam. Circa 1960. Collection Victor Minx


The Rare Digests #2 Spanking Skirt Chin Music and the Tale of the Magic Dress

The second in my series called "The Rare Digests"

I like this early (and primitive) soft-core digest from the 1950s so much, I cribbed an image from it and am making it available as a print! (SEE HERE) Your misogynistic friends will be impressed, and the scan worked so well you can go to poster size if you like.

One person described the image as "chin music" which is about as hard boiled as you can get. "How about some chin music, dollface?"

"Spanking Skirt" is a hopelessly obscure digest produced on the West coast which shows the East coast had no monopoly on perverted handmade product.
Times have changed...today Beyonce and Lady Gaga have more graphic and dicey imagery in the Telephone video, and I only watched the censored version!

It is quite a novel...some fevered fetishist who doesn't change his typewriter ribbon often enough tells the story of "THE SPANKING SKIRT"...an invention of clothing so powerful and perfect it forces every person who sees it to whack the wearer in the behind! Hollywood? Come calling...there is no copyright and I'll be happy to present a one paragraph presentation with my agent and lawyer present.

Actually, the artist, who is anonymous and deservedly so, worked in a charming and naive manner both in his writing and his art. I have another, later example of his work in an attempted periodical titled "Man in Command" so you can see where his proclivities lay, and we can all hope they stay there. The later volume came from Hollywood, or so the return address claims. This volume, however, has NO address, NO author, NO publisher, NO copyright and NO class actually...but it is a great read and funny as hell in addition to being somewhat charming.

The story covers the making of the dress, girl fights over who gets to wear it and more. The owner of the dress becomes so popular, a theater is set up just to present the perfect dress for spanking. A red carpet is set up to allow "Government officials, prominent musicians, famed domestic courtesans and playboys, gang world leaders and civic stalwarts" to march past the cameras as they enter the theater. Eventually the dress is auctioned off.

Creativity drips off every page, and I am not kidding. This is a minor masterpiece.

I am sure this rare book is self-published. How it was distributed is beyond me...but it certainly wasn't distributed too widely. Despite the somewhat, well..."unique personal vision" of the book, (it is hard to imagine both the audience and the author, but here it is) it has a charming, heartfelt and pathetic quality to it you find only in the naive.

As for content? Harmless. No swear words. No nudity. No violence, other than some slaps on the booty. It is an extraordinary example of something, but I am not quite sure of what.

"Spanking Skirt" No author or publisher, circa 1955. 96 pages plus wraps. 8 illustration within, two on cover. Collection Victor Minx

(NOTE: Now I know there is a thriving market for spanking images...as every time I post a cartoon from the 1950s with a woman being paddled, my hit rate soars...but If any of you take these images, please provide a credit and link? The fellow who drew them is certainly long gone, but I'm not...I'll share, but do me a square)

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Finally PROOF that Tijuana Bibles were created by ORGANIZED CRIME (!!!) Tijuana Bible Series # 13

For years comic scholars and acid-free bag consumers have wondered if organized crime was involved in the production of Tijuana Bibles. Well...if you define "organized crime" as "two or more mugs operating together" I've finally got the proof! Not only that, I am going to NAME NAMES!

That's right..the MOB. (a small mob, to be sure...but a mob of a few, and a big enough mob for our government to waste time pursuing them) And, in typical mob fashion, they talk in goofy nonsense terms to confuse the coppers, but you will get the story.

Now I have had to clean up the transcript...it was rife with errors and computer glitches, so I corrected some spellings, and where I use (?) there was a problem with some text. I have also taken out numerous portions which are indicated by (PORTIONS OMITTED) most of which were peripheral. Or about French Ticklers. And since I haven't as yet discussed French Ticklers on Vintage Sleaze the Blog, I took them out. I did, however, leave in mentions of nude matchbooks!

Now as this testimony occurred in the early 1950s, we are talking about the crappy late versions of Tijuana Bibles, which were no less crass than the old ones, but more poorly drawn. As such, I chose to illustrate the post with a poorly drawn example from a Dick Tracy book...it seemed appropriate. He being a G-man and all.

It should also be noted the fellows here were calling the little books "Maggie and Jiggs" which was a common term, but "8-pagers" also enters into the conversation, so there is no question what is being discussed.

Mr. Chumbris. Yes. We have his record; we have his mug; everything was furnished to us by the police department. He was convicted and was serving time. While he was in jail he contacted an accomplice known as Clarence Meade Barnes, who was on the outside. Clarence Meade Barnes continued the operations on the outside while Saxton masterminded from the jail. He was also indicted with Barnes on that particular offense and was also sentenced.
Chairman Kefauver. Was that a big operation?

Mr. Chumbris. Yes; it was quite a big operation. The interesting part of the operation was that besides manufacturing the pornographic material they actually acted as distributors; they were known distributorsin the East who would make big drops of this particular material in the Pittsburgh area, and Saxton would be tlie person who would handle it. For instance, in a letter from Saxton to Barnes, which was written in code and then later Barnes explained to...


Barnes, in finally revealing (?) full statement to Lieutenant Carnahan of the police department of Pittsburgh, stated that the letter was in code. For instance, they would use the word "jewelry." Every time they used the word "jewelry" it referred to pornography. If it said "$50 worth of jewelry," it meant that it was $50 worth of pornography. If it mentioned "John owes $50 for jewelry," it meant that John owed $50 for pornography, "Will you go bv and pick up the checks,' and so forth.

In it the actual operations were explained by Barnes to the police officer, how Saxton had him go ahead and print these "Maggie and Jiggs" books, and Barnes went ahead and did it. He admitted that he went ahead and produced it.

Mr. BoBo. When you speak of "Maggie and Jiggs" books, Mr. Chumbris, I think you should explain what a "Maggie and Jiggs" book is.

Mr. Chumbris. Yes. I mentioned earlier, when I was explaining the different types of pornography, the "Maggie and Jiggs" books are two- by- fours, they are books 2 inches by 4 inches ; they are also known as 8 pages, because it contained 8 thin pages. They are caricatures they are cartoons. They usually take people from the comic strips'
or famous movie stars, and they portray them in very lewd, perverted acts.

(?) You are not getting us mixed up with Bud (?) Mr. Chumbris.

No. That is very legitimate operation. Not only Maggie and Jiggs, but almost every known legal comic strip in the business, their characters are being stolen and placed into these filthy lewd books.


This is the statement of Clarence Meade Barnes, white, aged 42, of 514 Cato Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. It is taken in the office of Assistant Superintendent of Police Adam A. Geisler under the direct examination of Acting Lt. Allen Carnahan, the interrogator and James Patton, city detectives. Narcotic Squad. Also present in the room while the statement is being typed is Margaret Barnes, wife of Clarence Barnes. J. H. Gamble is the typist. Statement is begun at 4:05 p. m., February 23, 1953
Q. What is your full name? — A. Clarence Meade Barnes.
Q. How old are you? — A. 42.
Q. Where do you live? — A. 514 Cato Street. Pittsburgh, Pa
Q. Are you married or single"? — A. Married.
Q. Are you employed? — A. Yes.
Q. Where? — A. Westinghouse Electric Corp., East Pittsburgh, Pa.
Q. Now, Clarence, do you understand that you are under arrest by this department
charged with the manufacture, possession, and sale of obscene liter
ature, pornographic
pictures, obscene movies and books'? — A. I know I'm here
because I had that "junk."
Q. (?) are going to ask you to give us a statement concerning this charge against you. Before you give us this statement in your own words in answer to our questions, we wish to advise you of your rights. You will not be forced to say anything here, but what you do say may be used against you or for you at the time of your trial in a court of law. Do you understand this? — A. All right.
Q. We also wish to advise you that you have the right to secure legal counsel, an attorney, if you so desire. Do you iniderstand this'.'' — A. Yeah.
Q. And now that you understand what we are doing here and your rights have been explained to you, are you still willing to go along with us and to answer the questions in your own language that we may ask you? — A. That's right, I'm willing.
Q. Clarence, this obscene material that we confiscated from your home on Saturday, February 21, 1953 ; do you own that? — A. No.
Q. Who owns it? — A. Lew Saxton.
Q. I am going to show you Pittsburgh police photograph No. 12979 and ask you if you can identify that picture? — A. Yeah, that's Lew Saxton.
Q. How long have you known Saxton? — A. About 3 years, I think. I trans- acted business with him before he went to the vet's hospital at Aspinwall.
Q. How long have you had this obscene merchandise in your home? — A. Since about a week before Christmas (?)
Q. Explain in your own words how he contacted you. — A. By telephone from the vet's hospital to my home.
Q. Then did you go to the veteran's hospital to see him? — A. Twice.
Q. Explain your conversation there, and what he asked you to do in regards to this material. — A. He asked me to take it into my home and keep it there until he was released by the police. Also, to manufacture novelty named "Maggie and Jiggs" with no price given on manufacture. He said he would take care of me. That was the first visit, and on the second visit, he wanted me to manufacture of French Ticklers, still no price given.
Q. Did you agree to do this? — A. Yeah.


Q. Who else brought obscene material to your home? — A. His first name is Jack ; that's all I know him by.
Q. Anyone else that you can name that brought this type of material into your home? — A. Just that Mr. Levy.
Q. Do you know where he lives? — A. Yes.
Q. Where? — A. Oceanside, N. Y.
Q. What did he bring to your home? — A. Cartoons, movies, cards, French Ticklers, obscene pictures.
Q. Did you pay for any of this material? — A. No.
Q. Did Saxton tell you what you were to do with it? — A. Hold it, and he would call me when somebody was to pick up.
Q. Did you ever collect any money for any of this material? — A. $12, I think it was.
Q. From who?- — A. I don't remember.
Q. Did anybody pick any of this stuff up at your home? — A. Yes, Johnny, the baker salesman.
Q. Did you receive a letter from Lew Saxton from the Allegheny County Workhouse dated February 3, 1953? — A. Yes.
Q. I am going to ask you some questions about this letter; first one thing (is this a copy of that letter you received) ? — A. Yes.


Q. Did you do any business Avith a man named Whitey that Saxton mentions in his letter? — A. I went to see him at the gasoline station on Route 22; it's called Gravity Fill : about 6 miles past Wilkinsburg, past the Turnway Inn.
Q. Did you sell Whitey any merchandise? — A. Cards and matches
Q. (?) you mean obscene matches? — A. Obscene matches, the same with the cards.
Q. The next statement in Saxton's letter says, "Papy, no doubt, has not seen the advertising match display, or has he?"; who is (?) and where does he live? — A. I think he owns a bar in East Pittsburgh.
Q. What does Saxton mean by the "advertising match display"?— A. He means matches with obscene pictures on them.
Q. Where did you get these matches? — A. Were delivered to my home by a fellow named Jack.
Q. Did you collect any money from Whitey for matches? — A. Yes; about $20; was used to pay Jack for matches.
Q. Did you order these matches made up, or did Saxton ? — A. Saxton.
Q. The next statement in Saxton's letter states: "wish you would call Johnny the bakery salesman up, the best time is in the morning between 10 : 30 and 11 : 00 ; the name you have he can use those five $16 watches at $30 plus the 2 special ones you have in the same size"; will you explain that statement in your own words? — A. Did not contact Johnny. In regards to five $16 watches means, 16-mm. movies ; that's obscene movies ; 2 specials is the same thing.
Q. Next Saxton says: "Did your other friend collect that $50 for the check that was returned," what does he mean by this in this statement? — The $50 was for merchandise received; the check bounced, but he finally made it good.
Q. Who was the check from; who signed the check? — A. I don't know his name.
Q. The next statement in the letter says: "Should Margaret call Johnny this Saturday, have her tell him to give Alice the $50 he owes me for perfume as I need it for insurance payments, and he should pay Margaret for the watches he takes"; what does he mean by this statement? — A. In the first place, Margaret didn't make any contact with him. $50 means price of merchandise received from Mr. Saxton.
Q. Next he says : "Did your friend finish all the advertising matches less what he spoiled, you should keep count of what you receive, you could pay him what is due when Johnny pays for the jewelry, give Alice any balance due" ; Clarence explain that statement? — A. The advertising matches are not finished; in the second place, Johnny did not buy.
Q. Who is Alice, and where does she live? — A. Alice is Lew Saxton's girl friend ; lives on Homewood Avenue.
Q. Does she handle any obscene material? — A. No.
Q. The next statement : "I know that your pal George in Murrysville was asking about you. I told him I would tell you" ; who is George, and what is his connec- tion with this ring? — A. George was a possible buyer but did not buy any merchandise.
Q. Did you try to sell him some merchandise? — ^A. Yeah, Lew sent me out there.
Q. Now the next statement : "Would write a letter to Mrs. Sofie Levy, 2992 Tincker Drive, Oceanside, N. Y., and explain to her what I did not know about the insurance check until you advised me ; tell her that as soon as possible, the amount will be sent you for the balance due on the fur coat" ; Clarence, will you explain what Saxton means by this statement? — A. I wrote a letter explaining that Lew did not know the insurance check was no good ; that he would pay the amount as soon as possible plus the balance.
Q. What does he mean by the fur coat? — A. Obscene merchandise.
Q. He further states in the letter to "tell Mrs. T^evy it would not be advisable to come to Pittsburgh during the bad weather, but you will let her know" ; what does Saxton mean by that? — A. He (Lew Saxton) could not contact Levy here in Pittsburgh.
Q. He next says : "should you be going out past Whitey's, tell Alice to give you two bottle of perfume to give to his wife" ; what does he mean by this, statement? — A. I suppose he actually means perfume there; I didn't stop at Alice's at all.
Q. Have you ever taken any money to Lew Saxton? — A. No.
Q. Is there anything that you can add to this statement? — A. [None.]
Q. Clarence, after you and your wife have had an opportunity to read this statement over, and if you tind that it is true to the best of your knowledge, are you willing to sign it and to swear that you have told the truth? — A. Yeah.
Q. Have you been treated properly by Superintendent Geisler and the officers in the detective division of the Pittsburgh Police Department? — A. -Very true.
Q. And the answers to the questions have been typed just as you have given them and are your own words, is that right? — A. Right, it is correct.
(Signed) Clarence M. Barnes, Jr.
This statement has been read by the deponent, Clarence Meade Barnes, after which, it was sworn and subscribed to before me, the undersigned authority on this 23d day of February, 1953.
Hector R. Mariani, Notary Public.
On Thanksgiving Day, received $40. and some odd cents from Lew Saxton to pay for a punch press for assembling "Maggie & Jiggs." Press purchased from Star Stapling & Products Company, 929 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh. There was also 2,000 eyelets on the order received for the above amount. Press ordered by Lew Saxton, picked up be me.

NOW...if any of you would like to ask me how it feels to be a footnote in history, feel free!

By Jim Linderman
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Forever Inept and Anonymous Is Sex Necessary RPPC Erotic Homemade Post Cards Vintage Sleaze

The first question would be "Is Sex Necessary" the prop book they pretend to read. The answer to the question is, of course, yes. It was James Thurber's first book and was done in conjunction with E.B. White. The next question would be are the models or the photographer identified? Nope. Forever Inept and Anon.

Group of Anonymous Real Photo Postcards, circa 1950. Collection Jim Linderman

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A NEW VINTAGE SLEAZE SERIES The Rare Digests (!) Black Lace #1

With this post a new series begins on Vintage Sleaze the Blog! The continuing series on Tijuana Bibles has been well received, that will grow in the weeks ahead as well. THE RARE DIGESTS will focus on the seldom seen and scarce digest form pamphlets and booklets published prior to 1960 by the real deal...the mobsters. I was recently heartened by a huge mob bust while I was in New York City last week. Maybe we can expect a whole new generation of inept, sloppy but fascinating soft-core like this volume in the future! (Although the crews they busted seem to have more in common with Jimmy Breslin "Gang that can't shoot straight" crooks than the real guys from the wise guys days...One murder was over a spilled drink for god's sake) Still, it indicates the Cosa Nostra still shows the black hand, even if smut is no longer a way of bringing in the dough.

Black Lace comes from the mysterious house of Mishkin. I have written on him before and will again. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful circa 1955 gem which was obviously intended as a periodical...yet I have never found an issue two...and in fact this is the only copy I have ever seen of issue one!
Suum Cuique is a ruse...there is no publisher indicated anywhere else, not on the title page, there is no address...Just some top notch drawings by Gene Bilbrew and three lousy, pseudonymous "novelettes" from a fresh-ribbon typewriter. 50 pages, and five tiny photographs of stocking clad models. Odd.

"Suum Quique" comes from the Latin and means "to each his own" but I suspect the publishers, if they were smart enough, that is, intended it to be interpreted as "cum quick" but that is a guess. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote a short poem with the same title, needless to say it has nothing to do with a "sexational" anything.

This is an extremely scarce book. I have only seen this copy. It was promoted in the back of at least one other Mishkin book and the same illustration was apparently used for the cover of "The Day of Sacrifice" as shown in the brochure here, but it was probably just swiped without credit and has nothing to do with the book or publisher here.
As with all the digests I will discuss, it is a cheap, poorly bound typed book, nearly 5" x 8" and sleazy. One similar title indicates it was published in a printing of 1000, which given the age and the furtive nature of the reader at the time, would mean few, if any other copies survive. If anyone else holds a copy, I would love to hear of it! As I show in The Thousand Dollar Book, the retail mail-order price from the distributor was $3.00, but any retail operation who dared display it in the 1950s could shrink wrap it and mark any price they wanted, as no price was marked on the cover.

As for the content, it would not even have to be on a top shelf at your local bookstore today. I do not even see a swear word.

Bilbrew uses his pseudonym ENEG which is the reverse of his first name Gene.

I will try to post one digest a week or so...Rare books which should be of interest to pulp collectors, vintage sleaze collectors, scholars, bibliophiles and anyone with an interest in seeing what used to pass for obscene!

Share with friends, but PLEASE as this image has not been available on the web, credit this site? Thanks!

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Scarce and Stupid Rare and Racy Sequential Real Photo Postcard Homemade Vintage Sleaze

Some amateur photographer and his "dates" for the afternoon set out to create a hilarious set of real photo postcards in the 1950s. Buffoon "best friend" plays the cop. An inept play on the "show them some leg" hitchhiker gag! They may be (in fact, they ARE) stupid...but you gotta admit what dames wore under their hitchhiking clothes was interesting back then. How they got to the canyon in our little vignette is hard to fathom, but the only one complaining is the fake Highway patrolman. I presume the four of them heading out in the morning in that very car with the camera equipment and the ride there cries out for dialog! It would probably be better dialog then the captions ineptly placed over the negatives for printing.

Complete set of Real Photo Postcards circa 1950 Anonymous Collection Victor Minx

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Bobo Shows a No No Kefauver Committee Counsel Screens Some Smokers at a Frat Party

James Bobo was the Kefauver chief counsel during the witch hunt against comic books and smut in the late 1950s. Aside from having a stupid last name, (though one which lends itself to all manner of easy blog post title hilarity)

Bobo was a Boob.

Bobo had been assigned the certainly degrading, distasteful task of screening stag films for the Kefauver Committee. Certainly finding the task gruesome, he suffered through it. And yet, two years later, while working as a grunt boy for the Mayor of Memphis he thought it fine to show the filthy films to a fraternity party!

An irony almost too good, so let us savor it all over again 50 years later. If ever there was an example on this site to LOL this would be it.

Bobo "took his work home with him" but I guess forgot to return it! Bobo screened the stag films, which were clearly marked evidence in the committee work, FOUR TIMES.

Among the places Bobo screened the films was precisely the place it was to be prevented...in front of the tender, impressionable minds of frat boys at a Memphis State University Pi Kappa Alpha rush party!

Bobo did a Boo Boo. He also showed them at private homes and in hotels.

Lewiston Morning Tribune September 1, 1957
Vancouver Sun August 31, 1957
Park City Daily News September 1, 1957
Los Angeles Times September 1, 1957

Bobo was embarrassed publicly for the transgression, but not charged with a crime. When Kefauver found out, he said he would ask for them to be returned, but Bobo claimed he had already burned them. However, "Bobo's No No" attracted enough attention from members of the press he was forced to resign. From Chief Counsel to Mayor's Go-fer to world class hypocrite overnight!

You're doing a good job there Bobo

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Lowell Hoppes Biography of a Bitter Old Funny Gag Cartoonist! Vintage Sleaze

I have written about Lowell Hoppes before, a good enough gag cartoonist who worked 40 years with very little recognition from his home in Sarasota, Florida. Snippets and nubs of his long career emerge as various magazine archives are added to the all-knowing web, including a bit from the National Cattleman's association which indicates he drew a campaign intending to "tickle the funny bone with a T-bone" (!) Eh...you take work when you can get it.

Hoppes moved to Florida in 1940. Also now known is that Lowell was "a 24 year vet of the cartoon trade" as early as 1957, and that he was always a grumpy old man. He quoted his father's old line "The world is going to the dogs!" He hated the invention of television (as it made his readers pay more attention to the gag line than the drawing and presented "bad attitudes" to people.) Forty years later he hated the internet! In 1997 he was quoted as not having a computer.

Hoppes was a bricklayer before taking a correspondence course in cartooning.
Like all cartoonists I suppose, he began by copying earlier work he saw in the popular media. Hoppes first cartoon sale was to Country Home, a Collier publication WAY back when. In it, a confused farmer mistakes a porcelain doorknob for a chicken's egg. This information comes from a 1957 issue of the Sarasota Journal, where it appropriately ran on the comics page.

More important is this brief biographical profile from a 1957 issue of Cosmo of all places, a special issue on Florida which includes a photo of the bespeckled artist apparently enjoying the sunshine state. As much as he could, that is. My question? How can a grumpy old man make funny cartoons?

Here is a detail from 1967 cartoon which ran in Zip Magazine in 1967. Looks like he was kinda drawing beef then too.

Cartoon by Lowell Hoppes, 1967 Collection Jim Linderman

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Hassels with Tassels Whirling Double Dervishes of Dance Vintage Sleaze

Yes, the propellers of protubuerance. Pasties of pleasure! It was probably enough in the 1950s to just cover the areola, but for some performers a little flash meant a bit more cash. A few examples here of some twirling tassels. Silly, I know...but understand please I am objectifying the twirls, not the twirlers.

An earlier post HERE discusses the origins of pasties and how they got their name. Those of you "in the business" probably already know. Can you say "rubber gum cement?"

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Patriotic Pins of Trite Sexual Platitudes Vintage Sleaze "Pin me Down"

A coincidence all these somewhat risque and trite platitude pins are patriotic red white and blue? Nope...and I'll tell you why. During World War Two, not only was there a shortage of able bodied men at home, it was also virtually a woman's responsibility to nurture our soldiers...even to the extent of, well...encouragement. Rosie the Riveter in a skirt! Pins were a way of welcoming the boys to a USO club, a way of adding humor to a pretty dismal time in our history, a way of adding some encouragement to a kid who would soon be leaving (or returning) to battle. President Obama spoke last night of heroes...These pins indicate even sexual sleaze played a heroic role for the greatest generation, trite or not...and the heroes in this case were offering warm, humorous appreciation with implied comfort to other heroes on the way to a future unimaginable.

Collection of patriotic sexual innuendo pins, circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

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