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Busty Babes of Lew Barrows (Sans Biography) Vintage Sleaze

Two original Drawings by Lew Barrows and their respective appearance in SNAPPY magazine by Humorama in 1958 and 1959. A good, but unknown artist. Note his attention to detail. Maybe each took him so long he never achieved any recognition.

There was a "Lew Barrows" trio backing strippers in Florida in 1968. A long shot to be sure, but then performing on the same bill as exotic dancer "Emerald Knight" isn't that far from playing with pens instead of notes. But This Lew (or Lewis) lived in Culver City, California. There was also a state governor at one time with the same name, but given the persistence of the press when it comes to politicians peccadilloes, I guess we would know if he signed girlie gags as well as legislation.

The last one here was in the Charles Martignette collection and sold several years ago, I cribbed the picture from the web.

Anyone with information about the artist is encouraged to contact me...especially a family member with a valise full of drawings.

Two original Lew Barrows Cartoons, 1958 and 1959 Collection Victor Minx



Twists Wiggles Gay Style MOVIE Vintage Sleaze Dance Rubber Crank Toy

Nice. WATCH THE MOVIE! Virtually no larger than a chewed fingernail! Vintage Sleaze the Films #2 (It is too late to enter in the Academy Award Competition?)

Gay Novelty "She Wiggles She Twists Hurry Hurry! Circa 1930 Collection Victor Minx

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Gary Panter Vintage Sleaze Contemporary #2 in the Series

Is Gary Panter an unlikely master? He emerged from the early West Coast Punk Rock scene (you have seen the logo he created for the The Screamers a dozen times without knowing it) to designing most of the graphics and images we associate today with the Pee Wee Herman show. His cartoon figure Jimbo is one of the most recognizable characters of the "post-nuclear" modern comic period, and his work for the ground-breaking Raw Comics is legendary. A Three time Emmy award winner! His resume is extensive, filled with both "low" and "high" art achievements, including his inclusion in the landmark Museum of Contemporary Art LA "Masters of American Comics" exhibit which toured. A 700 page monograph of his work was published in 2008.
As I have followed Mr. Panter's career for a good long while, (From sneaking into his Playhouse installation at an upscale NYC hotel to attending a small light show he created with shadows in a storefront gallery) I am particularly pleased to include his work in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary series.

Gary Panter's Website is state of the art. His biography includes downloadable fine and commercial art accomplishments, the paintings and comics are of course fascinating, and his shop includes everything from mini-comics and "rubber novelties" to limited editions, music, drawings and much more.

If you would like to participate in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series, submit work to: j.winkel4@gmail.com

VINTAGE SLEAZE CONTEMPORARY is a series which profiles contemporary artists and cartoonists working today who have been influenced by vintage sleaze. All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series links to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. EACH POST IN THE VINTAGE SLEAZE CONTEMPORARY SERIES WAS CREATED WITH THE ARTIST'S PERMISSION AND CONTRIBUTIONS. Serious artists are participating in this series, all with their permission.  Please respect their efforts and intellectual property. Artists who have contributed so far include: Marty Winters  Annabelle Baxter  Lena Chandhok, Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Jane Dickson, Hudson Marquez Astrid Daley, Antonio Lapone, Leslie Cabarga, Trevor Alixopulus, Paul Swartz, Rebecca Whitaker, Denis St. John, Zahira Kelly, Fairfax and Emery, Elizabeth Watasin, Stephen Adams  Jane Dickson, Mala Mastroberte  William Schmidt  Darlene MacNeil Lila Rees Honey LuLu  Tony Fitzpatrick Ryan Heshka and many more. If your work is influenced by the girlie cartoons or pinup models of the past, we would love to see your work.


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Zito the Magnificent Dog and Skirt Artist Vintage Sleaze

Dirty and Musty, It is Zito and Rusty!

Yes folks...Zito is back! The world's worst "great" artist Zito!

Zito, who I have profiled before (his illustrations done for the booklet Bust with Humor) is Vinzento Zito. If you search "Zito Art" you'll get one of those "warning this is an attack site" messages, but don't be deterred. It is no more dangerous than the bark of Zito's magnificent dogs!

Zito's canine cuties did two things. One? Pee. Two? Peer up skirts. Sometimes it feels like that's all I do too, so Zito and I have much in common. Zito's work appeared on postcards, notecards, lithographs and such back in the 1930s.

What can I say...presented here are several of the stunning illustrations created and sold by the one and only Zito. Each suitable for framing (despite foxing...a paper term, not a dog term)

Set of Zito Lithographs (with original envelope) Each 8 x 11 Collection Victor Minx

Eyedrops in Evanston Film Censorship Vintage Sleaze in Illinois

Policewoman Joan Mariani of Evanston receives eye drops at the State Lake theater in Evanston, Illinois while screening one of the eight films she watches daily as a part of her movie censor job in 1957.

Evanston Illinois is ten miles north of the Chicago grit, but they have always intended to keep themselves at least that far north morally. Not long after being founded, it was already known as "Heavenston" for their moral turpitude, and it later became known as "The City of Churches." That's not to say the good folks of Evanston don't know how to have fun. After all, Tinkertoys were invented there! But then you couldn't buy booze in the city until 1972, when drinks were finally allowed in restaurants. By 1984, you could even buy it by the bottle! That's some kind of progress, but it probably made it harder to get the stick dowels in the holes.

Karen Finley, a performance artist most active in the late 1980s used to work with a yam...you can imagine what she did with it, but you'll probably guess wrong. It's worse.
Anyway, Finley was from Evanston and one year old at the time this picture was taken, so I'm not sure how well the censorship worked. I mean, if "hiding a yam" isn't what the censors were trying to prevent, what possibly COULD be? Jessie Helms, a U.S. Senator (who I personally happen to find obscene) took away her NEA grant for political purposes in 1990.

The Public Library of Evanston made up a black list of books in 1902. All classics of course. The New York Times called them "busybodies" and said it would be better to live under Russian censors than those in Evanston. OUCH. Well, it didn't take, as they were obviously paying this young woman above to make sure nothing untoward slipped through the city borders 50 years later.

In 1965, the stubborn, prudish city council was reported to be voting on their film censorship law for a SEVENTH TIME. I guess Evanston didn't have any other pressing matters. Evanston also had minor flap in 1994 when an elementary school received an objection their Halloween activities for the kids was promoting witchcraft. I always thought Halloween was promoting tooth decay.

Well, I hate to pick on Evanston...I'm sure one could find examples from any city.

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Second Eugene Bilbrew Jazz Record Illustration Unearthed! Fetish Artist Commercial Work for Charles Mingus Label Debut Vintage Sleaze

A second commercial, non-erotic illustration by quirky fetish artist Gene Bilbrew has emerged courtesy of collector Robert Setlik, who runs the GREAT Car City Records shop in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. It is another work done as a record sleeve for the obscure 1950s Debut Jazz record label run by Charles Mingus and his wife.

You may recall I identified Bilbrew's first jazz record sleeve HERE, what I believe is one of the very few illustrations (other than some early comic strips) of a non-erotic nature known by the artist. Bilbrew also did the cover to a "Dream Book" in 1972 which is illustrated HERE.

This illustration was done for the 10" record Explorations by Teo Macero, one of the fewer than twenty 10" releases by the short-lived but highly respected jazz label. Mingus founded Debut as a creative outlet and it was run by his wife Celia. When they divorced she remarried Saul Zaentz of Fantasy Records and brought the fledgling label with her. Landmark jazz recordings from Debut have been reissued several times, the most affordable is a 4 CD box set "The Debut Records Story" reissue of 1997 shown here. The sleeve was also used for a reissue CD in Spain with photographs superimposed over the illustration.

Interestingly, Setlik also wonders if Bilbrew may also have known the highly regarded visual and assemblage artist Wallace Berman, who participated in the Central Avenue Jazz scene in Los Angeles. Berman's work transcended "Beat" to Beatles...he appears on the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band cover. Setlik speculates the two may have run into each other, as Berman also did an early Jazz album cover early in his career: the "Be-Bop Jazz" cover for Dial records shown above. As I speculated earlier, the Bi-coastal Jazz and Art scene of the late 1940s and early 1950s was a small world indeed and if Bilbrew managed to hook up with Charles MIngus, who knows what other connections he made?

More information from any Jazz OR art scholar would be appreciated!

Also noted earlier, Bilbrew friend and fellow cartoonist Bill Alexander did record illustrations as well around the same time.

Unfortunately, the booklet included with the Debut reissue set included offers no explanation of how the fetish artist Bilbrew (who once worked with noted cartoonist Will Eisner) came to associate with Charles Mingus. My speculation on the connection appears HERE.


Lena H. Chandhok Cartoonist Artist Contemporary Vintage Sleaze #1 of a Series


"Lena H. Chandhok was born in October 1987 in Pennsylvania. She moved to California after middle school and hasn't grown much since. She studied art and literature amongst the banana slugs at UC Santa Cruz, finally winning her degree in 2009 in a high-stakes game of Pictionary."
(By the way, it's pronounced "Lay-nah Chand-oak")

Lena H. Chandhok WEBSITE HERE

Lena H. Chandhook BLOG HERE

"Contemporary Vintage Sleaze" is a weekly series which profiles artists and cartoonists working today. All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series will link to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. You need only ask! Serious artists are contributing to this series, please respect their efforts and intellectual property.


Are contemporary artists and cartoonists influenced by vintage sleaze? Of course they are! Contemporary artists and cartoonists are influenced by everything! And as long as one person is attracted to (or repelled by) another, there will be situations requiring a piece of work or a gag.

In this spirit, Vintage Sleaze is proud to announce a new series:


Select artists of TODAY influenced by pinup and risque gag artists of the past are celebrated here with a unique work they have created especially for Vintage Sleaze the Blog! A showcase for (and a tribute to) talented artists who draw today.

(Who may just draw upon the drawings of past Sleazy Cheesecake Pinup Masters)

All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series will link to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. You need only ask! Serious artists are contributing to this series, please respect their efforts and intellectual property.

PLEASE also take the time to follow links to the individual artist sites! Not only will you see some outstanding work, you might be compelled to purchase, commission or follow the artist. Each and every site is a delight.

Submissions are welcome but we can not post everything. If you draw and enjoy Vintage Sleaze please participate!
We begin the series with the work of Lena H. Chandhok. Other notables are participating. The series will run weekly. Make sure to follow and share!

Delicious Action Bachelors Delight Vintage Sleaze

Sexy Suzy (For the Man in Your Life) Novelty squeeze toy with sheer nylon drape Hong Kong circa 1950 Collection Victor Minx
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Eric Stanton at Danceteria (!) Vintage (Nightclub) Sleaze Art Music and Unisex Bathrooms

Danceteria was quite a place. There have been a million pages written about other dance, music and literary "scenes" of the past, but Danceteria, despite having an immeasurable influence on popular (and unpopular) culture today, is given slight attention and respect. Could it be that the former owner is highly protective of the club's legacy?

I went but not too often, since the action usually started after 2 am. The big 4-story one, not later versions or the one out on Long Island. The "real one"...and to a fresh kid from Michigan, it was a big eye opener. What went on at Danceteria? Sheesh...what didn't. I feel like my father and D-day...you can't describe it if you weren't there. Maybe that's why so little is written about it.

I can give you SOME idea with the clip below...a precocious young woman also from Michigan debuting her new song and dance "Everybody." Mind you, this was not billed as a special event...it just happened there. I missed this one, but if I was there it would have been just another night. My favorite nights, I guess, involved one in a woman's restroom stall (nuff said...bathroom gender distinctions evaporated pretty early on a busy night.) The Bush Tetras, ESG and any time I saw the Human Switchboard.

At the time, there was very little distinction made between art and music...painters were rock stars and musicians were artists with a capital A. Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat...were they musicians or artists? Haring had a boom box nearby as often as a magic marker, and Basquiat was in a band.

However, the point of this particular post is Eric Stanton, famous fetish artist I have profiled before...and how the hell he ended up having his very first exhibition (and virtually his ONLY exhibition) at a nightclub! Briefly...a prominent collector and publisher put Stanton and a manager of the club in touch with each other, simple as that. The exhibition apparently consisted (In part?) of originals from the covers Stanton did for the line of paperbacks done for After Hours, First Niter and the like but few sold. Some were later apparently shown at a venue of some sort in France. When I asked if any gallery representation was involved, I was told "are you KIDDING?"

This invite, which we all should have saved... is for sale on the Bill Graham Site of rock and roll memorabilia of all places HERE
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Pachyderm Penile Popular Culture Postcards Ye Gods! Vintage Sleaze (World's Worst Postcards)

A friend once told me there were only three jokes in the world and all subsequent jokes derived from them. Another friend once told me there were only three songs in rock and roll. Could be...I heard Neil Young once respond to a song request from the audience by saying "They're all the same song" but I think he was being modest. A gag, good OR bad, travels a long way. But the joke? That someone would actually pay for and MAIL one of these. Sometimes popular culture is just depressing.

Group of Dreadful Elephant Gag Wedding Night Postcards Collection Victor Minx


Bernarr Macfadden Man's Sex Life Kinsey Report Horrors and How to Avoid a Dragging Gait Vintage Sleaze

Believe me, it would be easy to make fun of Bernarr Macfadden. In fact, Mac, I already have HERE. He could be a (firm) butt of the joke simply for introducing so many pictures of his pouch...but overall, his ideas were a good deal more healthy than most popular advisors of his day. MUCH more healthy...and you need only look at a picture of Bernarr to appreciate how well his techniques worked. I'm serious. Bernarr advocated health and he lived it.

Who was he? More than I can handle in one post. Check THIS out.

Now Bernarr had his eccentricities...one of them was his horror at anyone who would, well...let's say "do the laundry by hand." He felt it was "devitalizing" which might explain why a nap feels good after...but I am not sure how Bernarr felt about naps. He did write, however, that just because "a victim may still be able to dress himself and walk about and eat...does not indicate he has not been harmed." Well...I guess.

Bernarr was always happy to share his expertise with the general populace...you can read his story online and there have been several quite remarkable books written about "B.M" which I intend to read one day.

He was also a clever man...this slim volume followed immediately on the heels of the publication of the Kinsey Report. Both in 1948...Bernie was certainly able to "whip one out" so to speak. As a most serious advocate of avoiding one's self-destruction, he had to get the news out FAST.

Kinsey has been criticized by both nut-jobs and scientists, by the latter for his methodology and technique of selecting subjects and by the former for just about anything you can imagine. But all in all I'd have to side with Kinsey and his team...after all, they found no evidence that doing the deed caused "a dragging gait...a pale or sallow complexion" or "dark rings around the eyes...lack of self-confidence...and difficulty in study" not to mention what it does to the spine. Bernarr tells you in this book.

A bonus is a preview of the revelations in Bernarr's "How to Get Married and How to Stay Married" which follows. Pretty bold and daring material for the times. At least you have to admit Bernarr, like Kinsey, was not afraid to tackle the tough taboo subjects. And I for one will clearly admit to having suffered from "Hypnotic Alurement (sic) and the Overpowering Spell of Courtship." Who hasn't?

Man's Sex Life: Avoid Kinsey Report Horrors Here's How! by Bernarr Macfadden 1948 Collection Victor Minx

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