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Sizzle Magazine Too Hot to stay in One Place? Vintage Sleaze

Sizzle was published by Spice Publications. At least initially...by the seventh issue here their name had been hastily changed to Smash Publications, and from the "hurried up dropped in" typeset here, it must been done quickly. Get this...that was the THIRD name they used in just seven issues. Number six was published by Tri-S publications.

Talk about a shoestring operation. Were you guys trying to hide something? Some payments due? They also moved from West 25th Place to Santa Monica Blvd.

"Yea, Dis is big Santos....uh...you got a listing for Spice publications? I got a present for dem." "No? dey moved AGAIN!"

The editor remained through "the major shake-up" though, one Curt Wilson. So there we have it. Epitomizing the fly-by-night of the smut business AND exhibiting what I would define as one of the most perfect, most sublime magazine covers ever. Unfettered with clutter...just one busty model, who is, I believe, one Terry Higgens.  She looks forlorn...I bet Curt "forgot" to pay her.

I will have more to say about Slippery Sizzle in an upcoming post. Until then, enjoy this pure, primitive representation of what Vintage Sleaze is all about. Simple, goofy and likely unpaid.


Bulco Comic Books and Padell Pulp Mail Order Gyps in Cahoots Vintage Sleaze

A 1952 full page ad for Bulco, a mail-order money maker for many years. Bulco specialized in tiny little cartoon and gag books with no humor at all. Tired old jokes copied from master plates which had worn out decades before, and reduced to the size of a coin. Padell, the folks who published Facts about Nudism and Dance Hall White Slavery did just about as much, but at least their books had text...moldy old text with little merit and all come-on. Both distributed their junk in Times Square shops and through the mail. As you can see, Bulco, along with a dozen other companies distributed Padell product.

Pixie Pert Poses Pretty in Proto-Porn Pistachio Vintage Sleaze The Rare Digests #21 in the Series

Pretty Pixie Pert hovers in a field of Pistachio mint green in this "proto-porn" figure study digest from 1955 or so. There is no date, but I can tell you it was one in a series of six of bogus guides for the photographer. Curiously available not at your local camera store, but from a mail-order address which changed frequently and had at least six publisher imprints. As this is a general audience website, It is not possible to post the interior photos, but I can assure you "pert" refers to Pixie's nose.
THIS IS NUMBER TWENTY ONE IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

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It Pays to Advertise with Sex Subliminal and Overt Sex in Advertising Vintage Sleaze and Famous Slogans

In 1973, after seeing the word SEX spelled out on a ritz cracker in a magazine advertisement, nut job Wilson Bryan Key published the landmark study "Subliminal Seduction." Secret, intentionally placed sexual signals were being used by marketers to trick us into loading up on products we didn't need.

Preposterous! What kind of marketer would use sex to sell a product?

Umm...well. It might be more overt today then subliminal, but I don't think one would have much quibble about his basic concept. Subliminal or not, I think it fair to say today that sex IS advertising and vice versa. If you hid your face during the mushy stuff today, you would miss the whole show.

Or is it just me that wants to peer up the billowy Summer skirt of the Verizon woman every time I see her on the screen? I am getting darn tired of rushing up to the box to try.

The vodka gimlet on his book cover doesn't give me a chubby, but maybe I'm not concentrating. Or maybe the gag reflex from that night in high school I vomited for two days after slugging down a pint in a teenage rite of passage is still blinding my perception. WAIT! Did that ice cube just shift and turn into Scarlet Johansson's hacked cellphone picture?

It Pays to Advertise is some 75 pages of stock pin up models from the Silver Studios with hundreds of circa 1955 advertising slogans superimposed over them. Why? No idea. I suspect some Madison Avenue suit, anticipating the day when a television program about his profession would bring back secretaries wearing garters thought it up. The only statement he makes (assuming it is a he...there is no "author" credited, nor is the intern who clipped the slogans from the agency files for him) anticipated a best-seller. All he got was one of the most sexist uses of pin up girls ever. Isn't it odd that the prevailing business culture was even more sexist than the very smut moral defenders were trying to stamp out?

Wilson Bryan Key went on to testify against heavy metal band Judas Priest for subliminally causing a troubled youth to kill himself as a paid witness.

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First Niter Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks Star Light Starbright, First Niter I See Tonight Sleaze

 No documentation or true tales from the front wars of smut today...just some swell somewhat obscure First Niter paperbacks.  First four by Eric Stanton, last one is Bilbrew

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Kayo Harris Missing in Action

Not much out there on Kayo Harris. Fun Packed Rib Tickling Fun with Female Belly Laughs! I believe Harris was based here in Oregon, but ended up in Florida (don't they all?) He advertised his drawings and postcards in Billboard Magazine for a while, and here in an Adam Book of Adult Stag Humor in 1968, so there should be something (or someone) out there who knows his work. If so, get in touch? You can look for it under "Sexsational" I guess.

The Playboy's Handbook by William Allan Brooks NO STARS Vintage Sleaze

Aw RIGHT! Time to put on my top hat, white gloves and go chase some poon!

I can usually tell if a book sucks if the only hits I find on google are booksellers trying to dump a copy. Such is the case with William Allan Brooks Playboy's Handbook. Including no less than 76 copies on Alibris, the source of more wood pulp than Canada. Bare with me while I scroll down all these hits and find some bio information. And yes, "bare" with me is the proper expression as that is my goal. Not a large furry animal which hibernates.

Well, let's see. Came out with a blue cover too. Hah! Someone is asking $85.00 for one! Good luck dude. It only cost a dollar NEW! Check it out...in the ad our playboy is a sultan and he has a harem!

Oh oh...the contents. Benjamin Franklin's classic "Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Maiden" What? Screw that, it's freaking 300 years old. "The Greeks Had a Yen for It" Greeks? Like in the Aristotle Logicians? I'm looking for advice on picking up chicks, not circular arguments on the meaning of reality. Let's see what else. A James Thurber piece. Limericks on Parade. Pfft.
Brooks turns out to be the editor, but he contributed two of his own super racy essays. 'Stag Lines: A Repertoire of Anecdotes Which Will Make you the Life of the Party" and "Have Fun with your Clothes On" ON!

Wait a Minute! This clown wrote Girl Gangs, the steamy potboiler I wrote about a few weeks ago! It turns out Brooks had good taste in cover art, but little else. Save your dollar. Or 85 dollars. NO stars.

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Hookers at the Drive-In Theater ? Drive-In Hustler Prostitute Fact and Bad Fiction Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

Nice cover, and also quite a concept! She seems to be on the way to the hot-dog stand, but what's with the hand motion? "Toni Wray" also wrote Latent Lesbian published a year earlier. Publishers Export Company, or PEC as it is known, was a California imprint. I guess California had plenty of drive-ins. But were there really working girls on the grounds of the now extinct drive-in?

When I was young, the screen would tell us to roll up our windows when the mosquito fogger came through. I hope she had a client, that DDT was sprayed around thick enough to obscure the movie. And it was toxic...Blondie here may have offered a freebie just to get inside!

Everyone learned how to make-out at the drive-in, but I sure don't remember anyone on the stroll. X-rated films being screened at the local drive-in was fairly common. They just waited until the kids fell asleep, that's why there was a playground under the screen. The kids wore themselves out and fell asleep during the second moldy cartoon, then it was showtime.
An essay by David L. Lewis titled "Sex and the Automobile: From Rumble Seats to Rockin' Vans" in the wonderful book "The Automobile and American Culture" reports "management occasionally helped matters along, hiring "ushers" who served as "auto pimps" and providing prostitutes to make "car calls."

A whole chain of X-rated drive-in theaters in Indiana and Ohio were owned by mobster Burt Gorelick which were so profitable he was convicted of skimming half a million dollars from the operation. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a few strutting on the grounds, but I certainly have no proof. So don't come looking for me.

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Fling Magazine Coupons! Cut Them Out, Earn Fabulous Gifts Vintage Sleaze

One of the most lovely sleaze magazines ever, oxymoron intended. Fling started as an odd sized digest, and here is issue number one. Beat to hell, I know. I could have jazzed it up with a black magic marker, but then for the rest of my life I'd look at it and only see the touch-ups. Repairs don't happen here.

Later, under the wide open lens of Russ Meyer, who became something of house photographer for a while, the magazine turned into a big boob thing. How much later? ISSUE TWO. In fact, Russ did a layout in number one, and he'd somehow convinced the editors to "go big" for real with the second one. Soon after, the magazine grew accordingly. Despite these covers, a full-size magazine was required to contain Meyer's dames...and sell more on the stand.

Most notable, other than the wonderful covers..are the FLING COUPONS! Yep, the Groupon™ of smut!

Feel free to cut these out and use them for your NEXT fling. Actually, all they were good for was crap on the back page. Folding binoculars, a golf-club ashtray and musical cufflinks! Still, you pay 50 cents for a fling, you want the extras.

Fling Magazine Number One 1957 Collection Victor Minx
Other covers cribbed from the web.


Vixen on the Loose Eric Stanton THE RARE DIGESTS #20 in the Series Vintage Sleaze

Whoa! Eric Stanton had the the mojo in 1957, didn't he?

I am going to guess this would have sold quite well in certain bookstores...if the cops had left it on the stand long enough. Vixen on the Loose was published by one "TL Publishing Co." A Lenny Burtman operation for only one year, and Lenny was being arrested quite regularly those days. We can assume TL stood for Tana Louise. Some pretty rich stuff here.

As indicated on the back cover "A violent, blood-stirring novel of a forceful and dominant red-head who handles her admirers like puppets on a string." Flipping through it, the admirers seem to include the hapless bellboy...LOOK OUT! Too late, and NO tip.

As with all Burtman's material of the late 1950s, most of the "action" is women trying to squeeze various parts of anatomy into very tight clothes and shoes. Not even a swear word in the thing. Nor is there an illustration showing anything not put on the big screen today, and usually in giant screen 3-D because Hollywood is afraid you'll stay home and play with violent video games instead of going out to the pictures. Yet certainly a challenge for censors. It was 1957. What the hell do you call this stuff anyway? It was material like this which lead to "I know it when I see it" as a legal definition, and yet it could be pinned to the wall at F.I.T without more than a second glance today. Let's call it vanilla with dark topping.

Vixen on the Loose 1957 by Carlson Wade Cover and 5 illustrations by Eric Stanton. 1957. 96 pages. Collection Victor Minx

THIS IS NUMBER TWENTY IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

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Russ Meyer Magazine Cover Photography (How to Sell Product) Vintage Sleaze

Research for yet another forthcoming book forces me to pour over magazine covers taken by Russ Meyer, master of all things in pairs. Meyer WAS a master photographer and director, though to call him a director is inadequate, I'd call him auteur, but more than anything, a film EDITOR. He did have an eye for the casting too, though his eyes dropped about a foot from the faces when appraising talent.

All these covers were selected by sleazy magazine editors who were lucky enough to have their choice of Meyer's work to sell product. You may click to enlarge, but stand back. An earlier tribute to Meyer's early still work is HERE.

Selection of Russ Meyer magazine covers shot by Russ Meyer in color. With thanks to the Book Big Bosoms and Square Jaws by Jimmy McDonough.

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Earl Moran Paints for Bank Bags and Marilyn Monroe Vintage Sleaze

Here is Earl Steffa Moran taking some time from throwing fabulous parties in the San Fernando Valley and arranging for his work to be shown in prestigious journals of art such as Flirt, Wink and Giggles. Having his paintings licensed for use on advertising cards for Rifkin's Bank Bags and Safety Sacs was also not quite what he had in mind when he was studying at the Art Student's League in Manhattan (a place I once wandered into after shopping at the now closed Coliseum Books on West 57th Street and encountered two nude models chatting near the admissions office) Moran is probably the most prolific pin-up artist of all time. He also discovered and as seen here, painted one Norma Jean Dougherty who later went on to seduce a baseball player and a president. After years of partying and painting, Moran decided to concentrate on his work and began painting more seriously. His subject? I kid you not...Nudes.

Four Advertising price list cards, c. 1945. Collection Jim Linderman

Elmer Batters Legs Pink Slip Walking Papers Man's Favorite Pastime Fires Elmer Batters Leg Watchers Unite Royal Order of the Garter


Man's Favorite Pastime was Elmer Batters first magazine, though he had been photographing beautiful woman for a while. You'll often see his work, uncredited, in Humorama gag magazines and other cheesecake from the early 1950s. Man's Favorite Pastime was to be his entry in to the grown-up glossy world.

He only lasted there a few issues, and it went on without him. How can you get fired from your own magazine after a few issues?

Man's Favorite Pastime had an angle. "No fiction, no abstract drawings, and no cartoons." A bold move, as the facade of editorial material kept a few publishers out of jail. You know...judge the work of art as a whole? They must have been hesitant with their convictions, as you can see they added considerable overlay grill work to the model on the cover of issue one!

Elmer was a leg man. Exclusively. Unless you count feet as a separate category, in which case he was also a foot man. It is as if the camera lens was too heavy for him to hold horizontal. Elmer liked to shoot the calves and below. So I am going to guess Elmer was let go for shooting only the stockings.

Nick Tosches wrote a nice profile of Mr. Batters which appears in The Nick Tosches Reader. He quotes Elmer describing how after he left, Man's Favorite Pastime "deteriorated into a bosom book" with distain.

So it wasn't long before Elmer had to use his OWN legs and walk to a new job.

Elmer must have remained bitter, as he later founded an organization called "The Royal Order of the Garter" in which he claimed "You can still enjoy Man's FAVORITE PASTIME..." He used the auspices of this exclusive club to peddle his long legged stag films.

Man's Favorite Pastime Issue Number 2 collection Victor Minx