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The Good Times Roll Samuel Roth Prison Time Vintage Sleaze THE RARE DIGESTS #25

An issue of Good Times, 1955, edited by convicted publisher of redeeming social value Samuel Roth. Roth's resume follows:

• 1928: 3 months in New York "workhouse" for possessing indecent materials with intent to sell

• 1929: 6 months imprisonment in "Detention Headquarters, NYC" for violation of parole: occurred after NY Society for the Suppression of Vice raided Roth's warehouse and found copies of Lady Chatterley's Lover, Ulysses, Fanny Hill, other titles and pictures

• 1930: 2 months in Moyemensing Prison, remanded after serving time in New York for selling obscene books (including Ulysses) in Philadelphia

• 1934: $100 fine (otherwise 20 days in jail) • 1957-1961: incarceration at Lewisburg penitentiary

Oh...and 1957-1961: incarceration at Lewisburg penitentiary

The Samuel Roth papers, which detail the extraordinary lengths to which your tax dollars were used to prevent him from publishing books you can now find in any library are HERE at Columbia University.

More information about Roth is HERE which details his case before the Supreme Court.

Good Times Volume 2, Number 17 1955 "New York Issue" Edited by Samuel Roth Picadilly Press NYC
Collection Victor Minx

THIS IS NUMBER TWENTY FIVE IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

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