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Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks CORSAIR #204 Turns Up! The Missing Sleazy Novel Cover Gene Bilbrew by Raven Hughes and Reuben Sturman the Hollywood Biopic

Mystery Solved! My "complete" bibliography and checklist of Reuben Sturman's despicable line of soft-core (better make that medium-core) paperbacks with Gene Bilbrew illustrations is now MORE complete! The elusive Number 204 has turned up and it is a doozy. No doubt the "teenage" thing made the discovery difficult...let's say you were going through Dad's stuff and came across this...would YOU put it in a mylar bag and take it to the next booksale? Is this the only senior citizen Bilbrew drew?

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Which gets me to thinking...how is that major Hollywood biopic on publisher Reuben Sturman doing? Hold on while I check. Hmm. Seems to be stalled. Check out the hype HERE on AVN.