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When William Wenzel Was Working as PICO the Pinup Artist Bill Wenzel Gag Cartoons Pseudonym Vintage Sleaze

When Wenzel was Pico

Why did Bill Wenzel publish some of his early work signed by PICO? No one knows including me. I will offer a guess though. Too much exposure?

Even as early as 1948, which is when Wenzel works such as these date...the artist was on fire. Hundreds, nay THOUSANDS of cartoons! I have even seen "PICO" works in the same magazine as some signed Wenzel.

Even if all I can do is hazard a guess, it is nice to add to comic lore...Yes, Wenzel worked under a pseudonym and it was Pico. Another early work by Wenzel which predates his glob of work for Humorama is HERE.