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Bill Ward and the Hippies Adam Stag Humor Free Love and Big Boobs

Bill Ward takes on the Hippies. Bill was far from hip, being a mostly stay-at-home Uber-geek with pop-bottle glasses and a drawing board, but he survived more social movements than Allen Ginsberg. Ward drew World War Two helmets staring at boobs, Madison Avenue fedoras staring at boobs, goatee wearing beatniks staring at boobs and here, one of them is in the process of morphing into a hippie man staring at boobs.

Adam magazine is as familiar to 1960s men as JFK and James Bond, but less known are the cartoon specials. Special they were! Ward takes 6 full pages to tell the story of "Hippies of All Nations" in which beret-wearing Tour-de-France bikers flip over their bicycles for boobs, Russian dissidents paint love slogans on the Iron curtain while looking at boobs and a stiff British guard tries not to break his stance by looking at boobs. He does, of course, out of the corner of his eye.

Later in the same issue, Ward is back with "Hippie Takeover" in which a hoard of busty mini-skirted women with big boobs take over a building site usually occupied by Nixon hard hats.

I believe there were 5 annual issues of Adam Stag Humor. This is number three from 1968. There are LSD jokes, Wenzel and Lynn Harrison gag cartoons along with the regular assortment of clip-art filler, tired film stills with "contemporary" gag-lines added and several pages of filthy ads in back.

The whole she-bang proves neither Adam or Bill had any idea at ALL what was going on. They did suspect that they were missing out on all the free-love...and they knew women had boobs.

Adam Stag Humor III Knight Publishing Company Los Angeles, CA 1968
Collection Victor Minx