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Bizarre Desires Burmel Leonard Burtman by Edith Reynolds THE RARE DIGESTS #27 Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks in Digest Form

Burmel provided Bizarre Desires in the form of a jaguar who chewed the lower right hand cover of my book!  I can't complain...it's old.  One of the rare Burmel books Leonard actually took the time to DATE.  1958.  Ike was in office and while he didn't particularly care what folks read, some of his minions did.  So did a bunch of religious fanatics in Manhattan.  Consequently, Lenny had to be careful...and in once case was arrested trying to slip dirty pictures through customs by claiming they were "cups and saucers" on the bill of lading.  Nice try Lenny. 

Anyway, a story for another time and place, hopefully one I can sell rather than give away.

Bizarre Desires was one of a series of astounding titles published by Burmel with no dirty words, but remarkable illustrations by Eric Stanton and Eugene Bilbrew, both then at the peak of their weird powers.  The text purports to be written by  "Edith Reynolds"  (uh huh) and consists of endless paragraphs detailing what the participants were taking off and trying on.  I particularly like the phrase "her heel was as thin and narrow as a hypodermic needle" which I intend to use in my hard-boiled detective novel forthcoming.

I have only seen this title for sale once and I bought it.  However, there are still like ten results if you search it up...all say "currently unavailable" so I assume they were all multiple listings for my copy.  I'm happy to add the image to the universal brain...where henceforth each image which multiplies on the web will have a torn cover.

Bizarre Desires by Edith Reynolds  Burmel Publishing New York 1958.  110 Pages Five illustrations by Eugene Bilbrew, Cover illustration by Eric Stanton.  COLLECTION VICTOR MINX

THIS IS NUMBER TWENTY SEVEN IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!