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Earl Leaf Pervy Photographer Fake Beatnik and Sexotique Specialist Vintage Sleaze

Here, wizened fake beatnik and photographer Earl Leaf poses with the far more attractive than he Jane Wilkinson.  Earl is often politely called "a leading paparazzi" of the 50s, but he was actually just a sleaze who put himself near any scene (or woman) who was younger and sexier than he was.    

No one was luckier than Leaf, and he admits it himself in the article "The Luckiest Photographer" he wrote for "Glamor Girl Photography" in 1959.  He describes stalking women as though they were wild beasts.  "I dogged her footsteps right into Columbia Pictures and began to harass the studio press chief for an okay to lens her in costumes simple or sexotique" he brags..then goes on to describe all the "dolls, hip chicks, starlets, feminine form devine" and such which catches his eye...a sort of  bogus beatnik be-bop hunter of female.  As in, like, "sexotique" man!

Leaf is most excited, however, about the "16 1/2 year old Angela Carnon" who he spots "pushing trays" at the Ontra after classes at Hollywood High.  The Ontra is where Leaf hung out...girl watching.  Literally.  He shares the encounter.  "A whiff of dewey fragrance lifted our faces off the plates in time to to catch a waitress, long-haired, slender, curvy and beautiful...bearing a try of dirty dishes to the kitchen like a vestal virgin bearing precious gifts..." 

Uh huh.  He forces his card on the teen, and promises to reveal this "chic chick" in the NEXT issue of Glamor Girl Photography.  What a creep.  He doesn't say if he checked with her parents or the size of the tip he left.

Sure enough, Angela Carnon goes on to make a dozen or so near skin flicks under a handful of names, including one role playing "Dr. Clitstone" and another as "Peggy" in Drop Out Wife.  Thanks for the GREAT start to my career Earl!

Earl seems to have started out as a SPOOK.  A "war correspondent" for the forerunner of the CIA, which may mean he was traveling with permission to take pictures of strategic places instead of starlets.  Or maybe it meant he could supplement his own pervy notions while on "the company" dole.  Either way, Earl began creating his portfolio while informing for Uncle Sam, and he traveled all over the far east apparently reporting back to our side.  He is reported to have once been "publicity agent" for the Chinese Nationalist Government.  I don't know...but I smell an agent, and not one booking talent into a Hollywood clunker.

Leaf later became an official photographer of sorts for Teen Magazine, certainly a most discerning audience for his artistic skills, where he took great works of art such as portraits of The Mamas and Papas.

After coming back from "over there" Leaf reportedly had a "hidden bamboo covered shack" where he enticed his models.  He would have been just another sex-crazed shutterbug had he not had the good fortune to encounter Marilyn Monroe on May 17, 1950, a stroke of luck he rode the rest of his life. He had Marilyn and his other conquests sign the door to his shack, and if you look him up that is the legacy you'll find most associated with him.  Original Marilyn Monroe pictures doled out by the owner of "The Earl Leaf estate" once Michael Ochs and now Getty Images.  

They don't own the one above.  Dingbat  Press did...they published it on the back cover of Glamor Girl Photography along with Earl's pervy recollections.  Glamor Girl Photography was the short-lived "serious" magazine from the fortunately now long gone publisher of the equally short-lived "humor" magazine girl watcher.

Photo from rear cover of "Glamor Girl Photography" September 1959 

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