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Naughty Ladies UNEXPURGATED Vintage Sleaze Smut Revealed!

Johnson Smith was, and is, a mail-order company.  In a few years, they will celebrate 100 years in the business.  I hope they publish a special centennial edition of "Sketches of Naughty Ladies: Unexpurgated" so I can replace my well-worn, thumbed-out. nearly memorized copy here. 

Although I doubt the company wanted potential shoppers with smut on their minds to know what was inside before ordering,  I'll clue you in. 

Naughty, hot, randy, out of control ladies such as  Peggy Eaton, whose uncontrolled passion lead to the infamous "petticoat battle" during President Andrew Jackson's presidency.

Filthy, spicy, hot-pant wearing "Texas" Guinan, nightclub owner and filly who dared, in public mind you, use the phrase "Hello, sucker."

The loose, near nymphomaniac Jane Shore, who had the perverted, lusty passions to be the mistress of some old King back in the 1400s.

Scorching hot "free love" Victoria Woodhall, who had the audacity (and dripping super hot hypersexuality) to live under the same roof with her divorced husband AND her new husband.

I promised Unexpurgated.  You GET unexpurgated!

Sketches of Naughty Ladies  Johnson Smith & Company 1942 Detroit.  Collection Victor Minx.