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Smoking Hot Floor Show in the Second City! Club Soho Matchbook Chicago Smut

Club So-Ho was a 220 seat theater on lovely Madison Street in Chicago that was hotter than the matches they gave away.  They spelled "glamorous" on the inside of the match cover wrong, so the printer must have been given a free pass to check on the show and smoke got in his eyes. 

In 1948, The Chicago Tribune apparently published a "shocking" report on the nude dancing in W. Madison dives, and Chief Pendergast said he found the report shocking!  On the other hand, Police captain Harry Penzin claimed there was nothing immoral about the shows, insisting the girls stripped to only their bras and G-Strings.  I will let you guess which one might have been on the take. 

I would report more, but unfortunately the Chicago Tribune is one of those papers who charges to let you read them.  Humpf.  Even Club So-Ho had "NO-COVER and NO- MINIMUM"

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Original pack of matches, figural!  Club So-Ho W. Madison Street Chicago Collection Victor Minx

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